Learning Styles and Gamification

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Pixentia’s deep understanding of your organization and its learning goals enables us to create superior, cost-effective solutions that measurably increase workforce knowledge and productivity.

Combining Learning Styles and Strategy

Learning styles (for example, simulations, story-based instruction, interactive video, etc.), define the overall approach used in a given course of instruction. But beyond individual courses, your organization needs an effective learning strategy that builds employee commitment to your overall learning effort.

The emerging gold standard for organizational learning strategy is gamification. Pixentia can help you realize your learning goals with innovative gamification methods that create safe, competitive learning spaces, encourage broad participation, and recognize employee accomplishments. The result? A self-motivated, highly competitive workforce better trained and equipped to accomplish the organization’s most important performance and productivity goals.
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Learning Strategy Planning

Pixentia’s integrated approach to learning strategy planning results in coordinated content that strengthens your organization’s culture, speeds up the onboarding process, and improves workforce knowledge and skills. Our discovery and planning processes include:

  • learning_gamification

    Learning Gamification

    Using proven methods to design gamified learning strategies and social media schemes that engage employees, encourage learning achievement, and build new competencies.

  • support

    Organization Learning Style Workshops

    Creating an organization-wide learning styles plan that matches courses and modules to learning styles, determines how gamification can improve learning outcomes, and creates a synchronized, cost-effective roadmap for a better, more productive workforce.


Learning Content Implementation

It’s not enough to choose a learning style - Pixentia’s content development professionals write and build finished courses and modules custom-fit to achieve your learning goals. Our content services include:

  • interactive_videos

    Interactive Videos

    Cost effective and ideal for mobile and mini-learning applications, Pixentia’s interactive videos and integrated assessments deliver content that builds employee knowledge and proficiency.

  • story_based_learning

    Story-Based Learning

    More than compelling narrative, Pixentia combines story-based learning with interactive features and skills assessments that give your employees an experience that strengthens both their work product and their commitment to your cultural values.

  • scenario_based_learning

    Scenario-Based Learning

    Pixentia immerses employees in complex, multi-outcome situations and provides multiple opportunities to learn and apply new skills in a safe working environment.

  • simulation


    Real-time simulations give employees a near-reality learning experience - Pixentia’s understanding of your business goals yields simulations that develop deep core skills and competencies.

  • dataexchange

    Data Exchange, Feedback and Evaluation

    Creating learning content with interactive teaching methods that improve knowledge retention and provide feedback mechanisms for ongoing employee evaluation of content effectiveness.


Pixentia’s experienced team of IT professionals brings hands-on, proven experience across multiple Learning platforms

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