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Make informed LMS decisions, whether if you are choosing a new LMS, or looking for ways to get better results from an existing system.

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Pixentia’s deep understanding of your organization and its learning goals enables us to create superior, cost-effective solutions that measurably increase workforce knowledge and productivity.

Learning Management System Planning

Our consultants – with extensive experience on such LMS platforms as SumTotal, Moodle, Cornerstone, and Successfactors – bring your organization objective advice and guidance that leads to improved learning management system decisions. Our discovery and planning processes include:

  • LMS_Platform_Workshops

    LMS Platform Workshops

    Looking at your organization’s overall goals, HCM strategy, workforce needs and budget in order to specify your ideal LMS or determine how to get more from an existing installation.

  • Platform_Recommendations

    LMS Platform Selection

    Supporting your selection process with RFPs, decision tools, and advice that enables your organization to choose the platform that will generate the highest return on investment.

  • course_project-plannning

    Project Planning

    Creating end-to-end work plans and credible, cost-effective budgets for learning initiatives of all sizes, including full platform implementations and legacy content moves.

  • support

    Business Case Support

    Building executive level support for your organization’s LMS initiatives with comprehensive financial return calculations and post-implementation metrics for tracking actual results.


Learning Management System Implementation

Pixentia’s hands-on LMS specialists are more than IT experts – they can deliver superior results to every part of your project or initiative. Our services include:

  • Business_workshops

    LMS Configuration Workshops

    Fully mapping your LMS platform goals, learning content deployment plans, and associated support applications to develop platform configurations that reduce the cost implementation, use, and maintenance.

  • Implementation_Integration

    Implementation and Integration Resources

    Who can speed and simplify the implementation process by integrating your LMS with existing enterprise and HR systems, migrate data from legacy systems, undertake detailed QA and acceptance testing, and provide overall project management.

  • marketing

    Transformation Workshops and Marketing Programs

    Which can maximize employee adoption of a new or updated LMS with innovative outreach programs and proven gamification strategies.

  • Product_Training_Workshops

    LMS Training Workshops

    Providing your LMS platform owners with the knowledge and skills to fully exploit their LMS and provide stakeholders and employees with a superior user experience.

  • LMS_reports

    LMS Reporting

    Supplying your employees, supervisors and executives with real-time reports that will encourage personal achievement and improved organizational results.

  • Analytics

    Learning Analytics

    Integrating the data generated by your LMS into your people analytics program and enabling new, actionable insights about learning and performance.

LMS_ Implementation

Operations Support

Your organization’s LMS platform is one part of an integrated system that needs ongoing maintenance and support. Pixentia’s IT specialists are an experienced, cost effective alternative to your internal IT staff. Our operations services cover:

  • daily_support

    Daily Operations Support

    Delivering high uptime and uninterrupted data exchange with associated applications via system monitoring, uptime support, platform maintenance, and test/validation of new upgrades and releases.

  • training_content

    Content Launch and Management

    Providing flawless launch and deployment of new content over multiple employee access methods and media platforms.

  • Learning_Analytics

    LMS Analytics

    Providing reliable, real-time LMS data feeds into people analytics programs through integrated data curation and warehousing services.

Operations_ Support

Pixentia’s experienced team of IT professionals brings hands-on, proven experience across multiple Learning platforms

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Pixentia creates innovative technology solutions that enable our clients to develop agile workforces, delight their customers, grow revenue and improve the bottom line.

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