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Pixentia’s deep understanding of your organization and its learning goals enables us to create superior, cost-effective solutions that measurably increase workforce knowledge and productivity.

E-learning Course and Content

Pixentia’s experienced learning consultants go in-depth to understand your workforce, learning goals and the role they play in your organization’s success. Our discovery and planning processes include:

  • course_development

    Course Development Workshops

    Identifying end user personas, learning goals, individual courses and micro-learning modules that will enable your employees to cost-effectively acquire targeted knowledge and skills.

  • e-learning_course_plannning

    E-learning Course Planning

    Determining the learning styles (e.g. interactive video, simulation, gamification, etc.), and delivery modes (desktop, mobile device), that deliver the highest levels of knowledge retention and proficiency.

  • project-planning

    Course Project Planning

    Credible, cost-effective plans showing how your training courses will be scripted, visualized, designed, prototyped, tested and launched.

  • business_case_support

    Business Case Support

    Building support for custom learning programs with comprehensive cost and benefit analyses combined with clear metrics for tracking post-implementation results.


E-learning Implementation

Our team of learning strategists, instructional content specialists and media developers provide end-to-end project support, from rough concepts to finished, deployed courses and modules. Pixentia provides:

  • multi_platform

    Multi-platform Course Development

    With experience on such tools as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and Flash, Adapt HTML5, and a variety of mobile learning platforms, Pixentia can choose the authoring platform best able to present your content and achieve your learning goals.

  • content_creation

    Content Creation

    Including instructional approach, outlines, data exchange, storyboards, content, animation, motion graphics, narration scripts and production – all custom-designed to enable your employees to learn the right information more quickly and efficiently.

  • ListIcon11

    Legacy Content Conversion

    Extending the life of legacy content built on Flash by converting it to HTML5 in order to support tablet and mobile access.

  • learning_deployment

    Learning Deployment

    Facilitating trouble-free, multi-platform deployment of mobile learning apps, micro learning modules, game-based courses, and simulations.

  • course_and_module_marketing

    Course and Module Marketing

    Employee communications that promote learning initiatives, build awareness and strengthen employee engagement.

  • evalution_continuos_improvement

    Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

    Built-in features and reports that capture individual performance, collect employee feedback, and help guide course revisions and improvements.


Operations Support

Ongoing maintenance of content and technology is an important part of any learning strategy. Pixentia’s IT professionals can supplement your internal staff to provide:

  • content_deployment

    Content Deployment

    Launching new content and verifying successful delivery across multiple devices and platforms.

  • lms_maintanace

    LMS Maintenance

    Maintaining high rates of learning management system uptime and reliable integration with other applications through test and validation of upgrades, ongoing system monitoring and help-desk support.

  • content-updating

    Content Updating

    Incorporating changes in plans, products, business processes, and regulatory compliance with timely, cost-effective course revisions and extensions.

  • learning_metrics_and_analytics

    Learning Metrics and Analytics

    Tracking employee and organization progress with custom, real-time reporting; incorporating learning into your people analytics initiatives with ongoing data curation and warehousing services.


Pixentia’s experienced team of IT professionals brings hands-on, proven experience across multiple Learning platforms

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Pixentia creates innovative technology solutions that enable our clients to develop agile workforces, delight their customers, grow revenue and improve the bottom line.

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