Delivering Superior Workday® Functionality and Results

The Workday® business platform supports a variety of human capital management functions including talent and performance management, benefits management, payroll and analytics.

How can Pixentia help you get the most out of your Workday® platform?

Align Workday® to Your Most Important HCM Goals and Processes

Pixentia’s experienced consultants start by understanding your business and goals, and then show you how to focus Workday®’s HCM applications on the priorities critical to your organization’s success.

Improve Workday® Integration with Existing Applications and Workflows

Workday® is a large, multi-purpose platform – turn to Pixentia for ways to optimize your Workday® configuration, integrate it with your existing platforms and applications, and streamline workflows.

Exploit the Full Capabilities of the Workday® Platform

Get the most out of your Workday® investment with practical recommendations on how to add functionality, deploy mobile apps to reach remote workforces, and cut platform administration costs.

Discovery and Planning

Workday® platform users and those considering a Workday® investment can both benefit from Pixentia’s discovery and planning process. Our consultants start by learning about the drivers that define your organization’s success. From that conversation can rise:

  • PlatformRecommendationicon

    Platform Recommendations

    which can help you decide whether to invest in Workday® or how best to use an existing Workday® installation.

  • PeopleAnalytics

    Business Workshops

    that step-by-step evaluate your organization’s needs, rank your priorities, develop options for Workday® configuration, and estimate how the resulting organization improvements will deliver a real return on investment.

  • ProjectPlanningicon

    Project Planning

    encompassing every aspect of Workday® configuration, legacy data transfer, acceptance testing, employee and IT staff training, and follow-up reporting.


Workday® Project Services

Pixentia’s Workday® project services can support activities as simple as installation of an upgrade and as complex as a full platform installation.

  • ConfigandReporticon

    Configuration and Report Design

    using Pixentia’s subject matter expertise to configure Workday® for optimized business processes, ease of use, and high impact personal, supervisory, and executive reports.

  • ImplementationAndIntegrationicon

    Implementation, Integration and Testing Resources

    who can connect Workday® to your enterprise and payroll systems, migrate legacy data, undertake detailed QA and acceptance testing, and provide overall project management.

  • ChangeMangementiconicon

    Change Management and Adoption Programs

    which will engage employees, accelerate employee adoption of Workday® applications and provide comprehensive reports on utilization and proficiency.

  • PeopleAnalytics

    People Analytics

    that can use Workday® data to generate new insights about recruiting, hiring, retention, proficiency, and performance.


Workday® Post Production

Turn to Pixentia to help maintain your Workday® platform and keep it current with your organization’s evolving requirements. We can provide:

  • OperationsSupporticon

    Operations Support

    including platform maintenance, system reporting, test, and validation of Workday®’s periodic update cycles.

  • PlatformEnhancementsicon

    Platform Enhancements

    which integrate new functions, add new business units, and/or support updated and revised business processes.

  • PeopleAnalytics

    Updated Reports and Talent Cards

    that provide supervision with new insights and employees with well-defined paths to improved performance.


Pixentia’s experienced team of IT professionals brings hands-on, proven experience across multiple human capital management platforms.

Want to know more how Workday® can help realize your human capital management strategy? Contact us for a conversation about the options that are right for your organization.


Pixentia’s multi-faceted application and development experience delivers real results in multiple industries in North America and Asia.