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Spontaneous learning opportunities? On-demand support for roaming employees? Turn to Pixentia for solutions that inform, teach and improve on-the-job performance.

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Pixentia’s deep understanding of your organization and its learning goals enables us to create superior, cost-effective solutions that measurably increase workforce knowledge and productivity.

Mobile Learning Planning

Mobile learning differs from other learning delivery platforms, and Pixentia can show you how it can better engage your employees with just-in-time information and micro learning experiences that lead to better decisions and higher productivity. Our discovery and planning processes include:

  • content_development

    Mobile Learning Course Development Workshops

    Specifying the use scenarios, information requirements, collaboration methods, and individual modules that will improve knowledge retention and on-the-job efficiency.

  • learning_style

    Learning Style Planning

    Course design that matches training goals with the learning styles (e.g. interactive video, gamification, etc.), and assures the most effective delivery of high value content to mobile employees.

  • course_project-plannning

    Module Project Planning

    Hands-on support from experienced professionals who create credible, cost-effective plans showing how your mobile learning will be scripted, visualized, designed, prototyped, tested and launched.

  • business case support

    Business Case Development

    Creating organization-wide support for mobile learning projects with guidance on how to build clear, compelling business cases.


Mobile Learning Implementation

Pixentia’s learning specialists understand the special requirements of mobile learning and bring practical experience to every aspect of your project, from rough concepts to finished, deployed training modules. Our services include:

  • learning_content

    On-the-Job Mobile Learning Content

    Developing custom, highly-effective content that provides your employees with a knowledge and performance advantage in mobile job situations such as field safety, business processes, equipment procedures, medical services delivery, and direct sales.

  • learning_programs

    Spontaneous Learning Programs

    Enabling employees to choose when and where to learn with special purpose course design and content that improves retention and skills.

  • LMS_reports

    Legacy Content Mobile Learning Conversion

    Increasing the ROI from legacy content built on Flash by repurposing it for mobile learning through content revision and HTML5 conversion.

  • content_development

    Mobile Learning Applications Deployment

    Supporting seamless deployment of mobile learning applications and courses, covering all tablet and smartphone platforms and supporting both online and offline use.

  • marketing

    Mobile Learning Marketing

    Creating employee communications and campaigns that create high levels of mobile application awareness and utilization.

  • course_project-plannning

    Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

    Providing tools, feedback mechanisms, and reports that track mobile learning use, measure personal and organizational performance, and indicate opportunities for ongoing content improvement.


Operations Support

Mobile learning applications demand continuous support to assure uninterrupted employee access and mobile platform compatibility. Pixentia’s IT professionals can supplement your internal staff to provide:

  • content_deployment

    New Content Deployment

    Assuring new mobile learning modules are reliably launched and fully available across multiple devices and platforms.

  • lms_maintenace

    LMS Maintenance

    Maintaining high rates of learning management system uptime and seamless integration with other applications through upgrade validation and test, 7 X 24 system monitoring, and help-desk support.

  • training_content

    Mobile Content Updating

    Responding to updated plans, business processes, operating instructions and regulatory compliance with fast, trouble-free revisions and extensions to mobile learning applications.

  • LMS_reports

    Mobile Learning Reporting and Analytics

    Real-time reports that follow personal and group mobile learning utilization and scoring; support for people analytics programs with integrated data curation and warehousing services.


Pixentia’s experienced team of IT professionals brings hands-on, proven experience across multiple Learning platforms

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