Smarter, More Productive Organizations with the Cornerstone LMS

Cornerstone Learning is a learning management system that enables organizations to manage content and instruction for onboarding, compliance, skills training, certifications, leadership development, and other learning tasks.

How does Pixentia develop superior Cornerstone solutions? It’s our focus on:

Configuring Cornerstone to Meet Your Organization’s Unique Learning Goals

Off-the-shelf LMS configurations can’t do the job - Pixentia’s LMS professionals develop configurations that seamlessly integrate with enterprise applications and give employees the access and content they need to learn and grow.

Delivering Better Learning Outcomes

Pixentia can show you how to use Cornerstone to build a social network of mentors and peers that can accelerate learning and improve skills and productivity.

Increasing the Return on Your Cornerstone Investment

Applying Pixentia’s platform and HCM expertise to help you fully utilize the Cornerstone feature set and deliver measurable improvements in workforce knowledge and competency.

Discovery and Planning

Pixentia’s discovery and planning approach adds value to your Cornerstone platform decisions by bringing objective, informed advice about Cornerstone’s ability to meet your organization’s unique learning needs. We provide:

  • Platform Recommendations

    using a structured evaluation process that assures your Cornerstone platform decision will support meet your organization’s learning goals and deliver a high return on investment.

  • Business Workshops

    developing an understanding of your organization’s IT and enterprise infrastructure and creating Cornerstone configurations that minimize costs to implement, operate and maintain.

  • Project Planning

    taking advantage of Pixentia’s subject-matter-expertise and creating in-depth roadmaps, schedules and plans that are executed on-time and on-budget.


Cornerstone Project Services

Pixentia’s Cornerstone project implementation services support initiatives as basic as a setting up an Organizational Unit and as complex as a full platform deployment.

  • ListIcon2

    Implementation Resources

    who can accelerate completion of your project with reliable integration of Cornerstone with existing enterprise and HR systems, support for data and content migration from legacy systems, detailed QA and acceptance testing, and comprehensive project management.

  • marketing

    Adoption and Marketing Programs

    which will increase your employee utilization of Cornerstone applications using creative outreach and messaging.

  • learning-strategy

    Learning Strategies

    that will improve your employees’ retention and competency by using gamification and other advanced learning techniques to capture employee mindshare.

  • Product_Training_Workshops

    Cornerstone Product Training Workshops

    giving your platform owners the ability to cost-effectively manage their Cornerstone installation and fully exploit its feature set to improve learning results.

  • Analytics

    People Analytics

    making Cornerstone learning data an integral part of your people analytics program with processes for data capture, curation and warehousing.


Cornerstone Post Production

Keeping your Cornerstone platform updated and aligned with your organization’s learning needs requires ongoing upkeep. Pixentia’s specialists can supply:

  • support

    Operations Support

    maintaining high uptime and reliable integration with other applications through platform maintenance and test/validation of new upgrades and releases.

  • training_content

    New Training and Content

    providing employees with new development paths, knowledge and proficiencies that are specific to your organization’s operations and culture.


Pixentia’s experienced team of IT professionals brings hands-on, proven experience across multiple Learning platforms

Want to know more how CornerStone can help realize your learning and talent management strategy? Contact us for a conversation about the options that are right for your organization.


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