Analytics Professionals that Will Change Your Thinking About Customers, Employees and Operations.

Any analytics project needs specialized skills, from data warehousing to behavioral science and data visualization. Pixentia can help you build a cost effective team of experts who will transform the way you do business.

Analytics Staffing Experience

Data Planners   |   Data Warehouse Designers   |   Project Leaders   |   Data Integration Specialists   |   Analytics Scientists   |   HCM/Customer/Operations Modeling Analysts

A Better Approach

Our IT consultants build your staffing specifications using a top-down approach.

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    A brilliant analytics professional is of no value if he or she is a poor fit with your people and values. We learn about your organization’s culture, people, and operating plans. This background helps us find individuals who will be positive contributors to your team and project.

  • Infrastructure


    Our team builds a working understanding of your hardware, analytics platform, and applications infrastructure. That supports our search for candidates who can come on board with minimal need for technical familiarization.

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    Tasking, Goals and Duration

    What’s best for your analytics project - limited duration contractors, contract-to-hire employees, or direct hires? We’ll look at your project plan and make a recommendation. Then we’ll build a job specification that captures the skills and experience needed for success.


Screening and Selection by Experts

We turn to our own practicing professionals to lead and personally conduct the candidate evaluation process. Our analytics consultants will staff your team with the right mix of skills, experience and motivation.

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    Candidate Pre-Screening

    Simple keyword searches and resume scans aren’t enough. We study our pool of experts to find candidates who can create actionable analytics for your organization.

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    Candidate Evaluation

    In depth reference checks. Complete technical and personal interviews. We make sure our candidates can quickly assess your data streams and prepare them for analysis. Pixentia also supports your specific internal hiring processes, like social media and background checks. We deliver candidates who ace your job specifications and are ready for work.

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    Selection Guidance

    Final candidate decisions can be difficult. We’ll help your team make smart, informed decisions with candidate assessments, interviewing guides, and advice from our senior staff.

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    On-boarding for analytics projects can bog down without structure. We can help get new hires up to speed with technical familiarization plans based on candidate background and experience.


Pixentia’s IT professionals create comprehensive staffing solutions for world-class companies and organizations.

Need more? Talk to us about your Staffing goals.


Pixentia creates innovative technology solutions that enable our clients to develop agile workforces, delight their customers, grow revenue and improve the bottom line.

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