Staffing the Front-End with Creative Specialists and UX/UI Designers

The best IT in the world can’t fix a confusing user interface or cryptic content. Pixentia can augment your team with designers and content developers who will create compelling and engaging user experiences.

Creative and UI/UX Staffing Experience

Front End Applications Designers   |   UX Designers   |   UI Designers and Developers   |   Content Writers and Developers   |   Graphic Designers

A Better Approach

Our senior IT consultants use a systematic process to build your staffing specifications.

  • Organization

    Your organization’s culture, business model, branding strategies and creative values are the starting point. We use this background to help find compatible candidates who can use their skills and experience to advance your creative goals.

  • Infrastructure

    Another step in our search process is to learn about your hardware, learning management systems, user interfaces, and business processes. We fold this into our search so that our candidates will already have an understanding of your operating environment and be ready to go to work.

  • Tasking, Goals and Duration

    What’s the best way to add to your staff - limited duration contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire? We’ll make a recommendation based on the job’s technical responsibilities, goals, and budget constraints. This work also produces a detailed job spec, one that assures candidates have the skills and accomplishments needed to excel in their new position.


More than Candidate Selection

We task our best practicing professionals to review and evaluate your candidates. This has particular benefit in front end assignments, where success depends on creative skills and a full understanding of the underlying technology.

  • Candidate Pre-Screening

    Simple keyword searches and resume scans aren’t enough. We dig deep into our large pipeline of content builders, UX designers, UI developers and other front-end specialists to uncover candidates with the unique skill sets that will energize your content and user experience.

  • Candidate Evaluation

    In-depth reference checks. Comprehensive technical and personal interviews. We do what it takes to make sure that candidates are bringing the creative skills and capabilities you need. Pixentia also supports organization-specific internal hiring processes, like social media and background checks. Pixentia delivers candidates who ace your job specification and are ready for work.

  • Selection Guidance

    Out of a group of final candidates, who’s the best person for the job? Pixentia can help your team make an informed decision with written candidate assessments, interview suggestions, and advice from our senior staff.

  • Tasking-Goals_and_Duration

    Technical On-Boarding

    A good technical on-boarding plan can shorten the time a new employee needs to become a contributing member of the team. We can help with a customized on plan based on individual skills and experience.


Pixentia’s IT professionals create comprehensive staffing solutions for world-class companies and organizations.

Need more? Talk to us about your Staffing goals.


Pixentia creates innovative technology solutions that enable our clients to develop agile workforces, delight their customers, grow revenue and improve the bottom line.

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