Accelerate Your Cloud and SaaS Project Plans

Does your organization need more manpower to keep its Cloud and SaaS projects on track? Put Pixentia to work. We’ll apply our multi-disciplinary experience to find the motivated professionals who can achieve your critical project goals.

Cloud Support Staffing Experience

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A Better Approach

Pixentia’s IT consultants develop staffing specifications using a systematic, top-down process:

  • Organization

    We study your organization’s culture, operating goals, IT plans, and hiring standards. This enables us to screen for compatible candidates that will be team players.

  • Application Infrastructure

    Our team builds a working understanding of your application framework, database, and infrastructure. We pay particular attention to your Cloud vendors and SaaS applications, and then search for candidates who can come on board with minimal technical familiarization.

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    Tasking, Goals and Duration

    What’s the ideal employment model for your project - limited duration contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire? We’ll make a recommendation that meets your goals, timelines, and budget. In addition, our tasking review will build a detailed job spec that attracts top candidates to your project.


Experts Picking Experts

No one can evaluate potential employees better than practicing professionals. Pixentia’s Cloud consultants will find candidates with demonstrated accomplishments and exceptional skills.

  • On-Boarding

    Candidate Pre-Screening

    Simple keyword searches and scans aren’t enough. We comb Pixentia’s large candidate pipeline for experienced Cloud specialists who can make an immediate impact on your project.

  • Candidate_Pre-Screening

    Candidate Evaluation

    You need more than a resume pulled from a job board. Pixentia’s in-depth reference checks and personal interviews connect candidates’ qualifications to your assignment’s unique requirements. We support internal hiring standards such as social media and criminal background checks. Pixentia delivers candidates who ace your job specification and are ready for work.

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    Selection Guidance

    Which candidate is best? We help your team pick the best person for your assignment with candidate assessments and interviewing recommendations.

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    Our support doesn’t stop with a new hire. We can accelerate the technical familiarization process with on-boarding plans based on candidate background and experience.


Pixentia’s IT professionals create comprehensive staffing solutions for world-class companies and organizations.

Need more? Talk to us about your Staffing goals.


Pixentia creates innovative technology solutions that enable our clients to develop agile workforces, delight their customers, grow revenue and improve the bottom line.

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