Gamification in Learning Design

Improve learning engagement with game mechanics

Boost Learning

Pixentia’s approach to gamified learning places people first. We begin with the business problem you need to solve, then we design learning from the perspective of humans in the workplace.

Demystifying Gamification

Gamification is the practice of using game mechanics, game aesthetics, and game thinking in instructional design. It may make learning fun, but that is not the purpose. Gamification engages learners by using the same mechanics that make computer games fascinating to us.

Gamification is not a technology or a software product. More than progress indicators, leaderboards, and badges, it is an entire world of design where you can introduce:

A story and context to simulate real situations.

Mystery or uncertainty to trigger the desire to explore.

Risks, challenges, and rewards to motivate toward achievement.

Techniques like personalized avatars, creating an emotional connection to amplify learning retention.

Frequent feedback, providing a supportive learning experience.

Tap into the Natural Desire to Learn

Gamification can build both skill and confidence by giving learners positive feedback as they achieve learning milestones. They will want to repeat the experience.

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